UPSWH Series 3D Motion Mixer

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UPSWH Series 3D Motion Mixer

Brief Introduction
The UPSWH series 3D motion mixer is applied in the high evenness mixture of powdery and granular materials in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, light industry, electronic, mining and metallurgy, national defense industry and scientific research institutes.

Working Principle
Our 3D motion mixer is constituted with pedestal, governor motor, shaft, rotary connecting rod, barrel and other parts. Driven by the positive shaft, the barrel with materials makes horizontal, rotary and other compound movement. Therefore, the materials will move along the barrel at three directions like hoop direction, radial direction and axial direction. Then multiple materials flow, spread and mix together evenly.

This 3D motion mixer is totally sealed blending machine that is efficient, energy saving, dustless and sterile. It gets the materials mixed without centrifugal force effect, gravity segregation, laminar accumulation and other problems. In addition, this blender features large loading capacity, short mixing time and high efficiency.

Technical Parameters
Model Barrel Volume Max. Loading Volume Maxing Time Spindle Speed Motor Power Weight
SWH-10 10L 7L 0-99min. 0-22r/min. 0.18kw 150kg
SWH-25 25L 18L 0-99min. 0-15r/min. 0.55kw 150kg
SWH-50 50L 40L 0-99min. 0-15r/min. 0.75kw 300kg
SWH-100 100L 75L 0-99min. 0-15r/min. 1.5kw 500kg
SWH-200 200L 160L 0-99min. 0-15r/min. 2.2kw 800kg
SWH-400 400L 320L 0-99min. 0-12r/min. 4kw 1200kg
SWH-600 600L 480L 0-99min. 0-11r/min. 5.5kw 1500kg
SWH-800 800L 640L 0-99min. 0-10r/min. 7.5kw 2000kg
SWH-1000 1000L 800L 0-99min. 0-10r/min. 7.5kw 2500kg
SWH-1200 1200L 950L 0-99min. 0-10r/min. 11kw 2800kg
SWH-1500 1500L 1200L 0-99min. 0-10r/min. 15kw 3000kg
SWH-2000 2000L 1600L 0-99min. 0-9r/min. 18.5kw 3800kg
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