UPNJP Series Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

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UPNJP Series Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Main Introduction
This UPNJP series fully automatic capsule filling machine is improved with high technology and special performance based on the original domestic and foreign machines. As its performance reaches the advanced level at home, this capsule filler becomes the ideal equipment for packing the capsule medicine.

Main Features
1.Our automatic capsule filling machine presents attractive appearance and exquisite technique. It is also user friendly.
2. With the filling pedestal and the measuring panel integrated together, this automatic packing machinery increases the filling precision without deviation phenomenon, as well as the operating life.
3. Our capsule filling equipment is capable of eliminating the inferior capsule automatically and gets the medicine inside recycled, thus increasing the economic returns.
4. It is easy to be dismantled and cleaned. Molds in different types are interchangeable. Moreover, Model 800, 1000 and 1200 molds can be replaced mutually on the same machine to meet specific demands of different capacity.
5. Dust collecting tube, vacuum pipe and waste removing pipe are installed internally to avoid hardening, fracture and leakage. Moreover, this design facilitates the cleaning of the worktable, compliant with the GMP requirement that the medicine can not contact with organic material.
6. The screw nut of the stowage rod is made of stainless steel instead of original plastic one to prevent the fracture phenomenon. In the other hand, less screws and nuts on the platform make the entire automatic capsule filling machine easy for washing and good looking.

Technical Parameters
Model NJP800 NJP1000 NJP1200 NJP2000 NJP3200
Capacity (capsule/min.) 800 1000 1200 2000 3200
Quantity of Die Holes 6 8 9 18 23
Capsule Model NO. 00-5
Filling Precision >99%
Power Supply 380V, 50Hz
Noise <80dB(A)
Vacuum Degree 0.02-0.06Mpa
Power 5.5kw 6.74kw 10.78kw
Dust Collector 130m2/h2×105pa 220m2/h 2×105pa
Overall Dimension 970×820×1900mm 1150×1040×2230mm 1310×1345×2230mm
Weight 900kg 1300kg 1800kg
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