UPJM Series Two-Stage Colloid Mill

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UPJM Series Two-Stage Colloid Mill

Main Application
This UPJM series two-stage colloid mill is applicable for wet material superfine crushing in the fields of pharmacy, foodstuff, chemical industries and so on. This milling machine is suited for emulsifying, mixing and crushing various semi-moist materials or emulsions. Its main technical parameters have reached the advanced standard of similar products in the world.

Working Principle
By means of the relative motion of flexible and fixed steel millstones in different geometric shapes rotating at high speed, the colloid mill gets the materials smashed through cutting, pulverizing and high frequency vibrating. The crushing chamber is divided into two stages of pulverizing areas, namely the first one is for fine pulverization, and the second one is for superfine pulverization.

The pulverizing fineness is subject to the changeable clearance between the upper and lower millstones. This grinding machine is capable of achieving perfect superfine pulverizing effect as needed at once effectively.

Designed in compact structure, this two-stage colloid mill offers stable operation, low noise, excellent corrosive resistance, ease of cleaning and maintenance and other outstanding performance. It is the current optimal and ideal wet grinding equipment at home.

Technical Parameters
Model JM-50 JM-100 JM-150 JM-200 JM-250 JM-300 JM-350 JM-450
Emulsification Fineness 2-50μm 2-50μm 2-50μm 2-50μm 2-50μm 2-50μm 2-50μm 2-50μm
Adjustable Range 1-0.01mm 1-0.01mm 1-0.01mm 1-0.01mm 1-0.01mm 1-0.01mm 1-0.01mm 1-0.01mm
Production Capacity 0.01-0.3t/h 0.5-2t/h 0.8-5t/h 2-7t/h 4-15t/h 6-20t/h 8-30t/h 10-40t/h
Motor Power 1.5kw 5.5kw 11kw 18.5kw 37kw 55kw 75kw 110kw
Motor Rotating Speed 4500r/min. 4500r/min. 4500r/min. 4500r/min. 4500r/min. 4500r/min. 4500r/min. 4500r/min.
Grinding Disc Diameter ¢50mm ¢100mm ¢150mm ¢200mm ¢250mm ¢300mm ¢350mm ¢450mm
Discharge Gate Diameter ¢15mm ¢32mm ¢40mm ¢65mm ¢75mm ¢85mm ¢85mm ¢90mm
Feed Inlet Diameter ¢32mm ¢50mm ¢80mm ¢120mm ¢140mm ¢159mm ¢159mm ¢168mm
Water-cooling Tube Diameter ¢1/8" ¢1/4" ¢1/4" ¢1/4" ¢1/4" ¢1/4" ¢1/4" ¢1/4"
Overall Dimension 750×400
Weight 100kg 275kg 525kg 650kg 1300kg 1600kg 2200kg 3000kg
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