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Creasing Rule Creasing Rule Creasing Rule
Double-round Single round Special

Double-Round Creasing Rule
The standard type can save the time of creasing and is suitable for different specifications and forms of boxes or cartons.

Single-Round Creasing Rule
The stable bottom helps to improve the stability of the rule creasing.

Special Creasing Rule
The 0.53mm rule head makes this special type suitable for the complicated and delicate creasing.

Thickness: 0.53mm (1.5PT) 0.71mm (2PT) 1.07mm(3PT) 1.42mm(4PT)
Height: 22.00-23.60mm

Attention: According to the requirements of the customers, a variety of scoring rules of different length, height, thickness and hardness are available. The cutting and creasing rule in coil can be made to 100 meters.

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