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PS Plate

The PS plate comes with distinct dot, high resolution, quick ink-water equilibrium, long press life, excellent developing performance, and wide operating latitude. In addition, the presensitized plate adopts unique hydrophilic treatment, thus ensuring good ink-water balance.

This series of PS plate has superior air eduction layer and good got reproduction. Due to such advantages, this offset printing plate can produce a clear and delicate printed piece in either conventional or alcohol dampening system. The good control of exposure and developing conditions helps to achieve the optimal performance.

TypeUPP-1 positive plateUPP-2 positive PS plate(high sensitivity)
Spectral sensitivity320-450nm
Exposure time30 seconds; about 20 pulses20 seconds; about 14 pulses
(3000w lodine-Gallium lamp, from 1m, UGRA PCW82 control strip, the third section un-inking)
Developing time20-40 seconds (developer : water= 1: 7, 23±2℃)
Resolution200lpi (2-98%)
Run-length50,000-100,000 varies with its printing conditions and imaging content
Safelightyellow light, or fluorescent lamp with UV filter film

Shanghai UPG is an experienced PS plate supplier based in China. We provide a wide range of products, including carton erecting machine, automatic Flexo printing/slotting/die cutting machine, plastic bag making machine, screen printing machine, and more.

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