UPCH-V Series High Efficiency Mixer

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UPCH-V Series High Efficiency Mixer

Brief Introduction
This UPCH-V series high efficiency mixer is commonly used for mixing the dry granular materials in pharmaceutical, foodstuff, chemical and other industries.

Our mixing machinery is equipped with specially structured mixing barrel, which is made of stainless steel with polished internal and external walls. Aside from the beautiful appearance, this mixer offers high mixing efficiency. It gets the materials mixed evenly without any dead angle.

Technical Parameters
Model Barrel Volume Max Loading Volume Max Loading Weight Mixing Time Motor Power Barrel Speed Overall Dimension Weight
CH-50V 50L 20L 20kg 0-99min. 0.75kw 20r/min. 1250×450×1060mm 160kg
CH-100V 100L 40L 40kg 0-99min. 1.1kw 15r/min. 1620×500×1480mm 220kg
CH-200V 200L 80L 80kg 0-99min. 1.1kw 15r/min. 1800×600×1850mm 280kg
CH-300V 300L 120L 120kg 0-99min. 1.1kw 12r/min. 1900×650×1850mm 320kg
CH-500V 500L 200L 200kg 0-99min. 2.2kw 12r/min. 2500×800×2050mm 550kg
CH-1000V 1000L 400L 400kg 0-99min. 4kw 10r/min. 2850×1050×2050mm 950kg
CH-1500V 1500L 680L 680kg 0-99min. 5.5kw 10r/min. 3400×1100×3200mm 1200kg
CH-2500V 2500L 1200L 1200kg 0-99min. 11kw 8r/min. 3820×1100×3200mm 2040kg
CH-4000V 4000L 1800L 1800kg 0-99min. 15kw 6r/min. 4600×1300×3500mm 2800kg
CH-6000V 6000L 2500L 2500kg 0-99min. 18.5kw 5r/min. 5500×1300×4380mm 3200kg
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