UPYGJ Series Roller Mill

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UPYGJ Series Roller Mill

Main Application
Designed and developed exquisitely by our staff, this UPYGJ series roller mill initiates the tendency of domestic grinder of oily materials, reaching the international advanced level. This grinder is commonly used to mill the sesame, peanut, almond, cocoa bean, coffee bean, rapeseed, etc.

Working Principle
The raw materials enter the roll area from feeding hopper and will be milled into powder by rollers. The crushing fineness is subject to the distance between two rollers.

The roller mill possesses some advantages, such as easy operation, low noise, high capacity, etc. It is the optimal choice for processing oily materials.

Technical Parameters
Model Production Capacity Crushing Fineness Motor Power Overall Dimension (L×W×H) Weight
YGJ1-100 20-80kg/h 8-20mesh 0.75kw 500×500×890mm 250kg
YGJ2-100 20-80kg/h 8-40mesh 1.5kw 500×500×1130mm 300kg
YGJ3-100 20-80kg/h 8-60mesh 2.2kw 500×500×1370mm 350kg
YGJ4-100 20-80kg/h 8-80mesh 3kw 500×500×1610mm 400kg
YGJ1-150 50-200kg/h 8-20mesh 2.2kw 720×520×920mm 500kg
YGJ2-150 50-200kg/h 8-40mesh 3kw 720×520×1160mm 550kg
YGJ3-150 50-200kg/h 8-60mesh 4kw 720×520×1160mm 600kg
YGJ4-150 50-200kg/h 8-80mesh 5.5kw 720×520×1640mm 650kg
YGJ1-300 100-500kg/h 8-20mesh 3kw 920×700×1200mm 760kg
YGJ2-300 100-500kg/h 8-40mesh 4kw 920×700×1480mm 940kg
YGJ3-300 100-500kg/h 8-60mesh 7.5kw 920×700×1760mm 1120kg
YGJ4-300 100-500kg/h 8-80mesh 7.5kw 900×700×2060mm 1300kg
YGJ1-500 200-1000kg/h 8-20mesh 5.5kw 1100×730×1220mm 950kg
YGJ2-500 200-1000kg/h 8-40mesh 7.5kw 1100×730×1480mm 1250kg
YGJ3-500 200-1000kg/h 8-60mesh 11kw 1100×730×1820mm 1550kg
YGJ4-500 200-1000kg/h 8-80mesh 11kw 1100×730×2120mm 1850kg
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