UPB Series Universal Crusher

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UPB Series Universal Crusher

Main Application
This UPB series universal crusher is used to smashing materials in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff and other industries.

Working Principle
Based on the relative motion between movable and fixed fluted discs, this universal crusher gets the material smashed through impact, friction and mutual clash. Designed in accordance with the GMP standard, the smasher is totally made of stainless steel with compact structure. It is productive, easy for cleaning and absolutely the ideal existing crushing equipment.

Technical Parameters
Model Production Capacity Feeding Size Crushing Fineness Spindle Speed Motor Power Overall Dimension Weight
15B 10-50kg/h 6mm 20-120mesh 6000r/min. 2.2kw 550×400×850mm 100kg
20B 60-150kg/h 6mm 20-120mesh 4500r/min. 4kw 550×600×1250mm 280kg
30B 100-400kg/h 6mm 20-120mesh 3800r/min. 5.5kw 600×700×1450mm 350kg
40B 160-1000kg/h 10mm 20-120mesh 3400r/min. 11kw 800×900×1550mm 550kg
60B 500-2000kg/h 12mm 20-120mesh 2800r/min. 18.5kw 900×900×1880mm 680kg
80B 1000-5000kg/h 12mm 20-120mesh 2000r/min. 37kw 1100×950×1960mm 1500kg
100B 2000-8000kg/h 12mm 20-120mesh 1500r/min. 55kw 1350×1000×2100mm 2500kg
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