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The UPC-1 positive thermal CTP plate comes with stable performance, high sensitivity, strong chemicals resistance, good dot-reproduction, sharp dot edge and without aging baking. In addition, it is designed with multiple grain layers of fine texture and good water retention. It can match with a variety of 830 nm CTP platesetter and developer commonly used in the market without too much adjustment. Processing in the daylight is also possible. This type of printing plate has been put on the market for many years and has been widely accepted and welcomed by customers both at home and abroad.

The UPC-2 thermal CTP plate utilizing computer to plate technology is developed based on UPC-1 by enhancing the anti-solvent property. Therefore, UPC-2 is not only suitable for conventional printing, but also UV-ink printing without being baked. This printing consumable features high spectral sensitivity, large developing latitude, and good aging resistance. Just like UPC-1, it also allows for daylight operations.

TypeUPC-1 positive thermal CTP plateUPC-2 positive thermal CTP plate resisted UV-ink
Spectral sensitivity830nm
Exposure energy120-140mj/cm²
Resolution200 dpi (1-99%)
varies with its printing conditions and imaging content
Safelightyellow light or fluorescent lamp with UV filter film
Developing time30-40 seconds (UPG or Kodak Coldstar premium developer, 23±2℃)

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