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Automatic Corrugated Sheet Feeder

The UPSL automatic corrugated sheet feeder is the assistant equipment of high speed and high efficiency for automatic printing/slotting/die cutting machine. It can guarantee the normal continuous feeding for large scale and high speed printer and slotter, while greatly reduces the labor intensity and improves the efficiency.

This feeding machine is made up of seven parts, including lifting section, horizontal conveying section, frame, hydraulic system, longitudinal flapping mechanism, sliding roller and moving mechanism.

1. The side baffle can be adjusted by motor in accordance with the size of paperboard.
2. This feeding equipment comes with easy operation and convenient control.
3. The supporting rollers can be freely adjusted based on the paperboard size.
4. The horizontal conveyer belts are controlled automatically with frequency conversion.
5. The forks are used to pushing paperboards forward automatically.
6. The sliding rollers of the corrugated sheet feeder are fixed on the ground.
7. The moving mechanism is in step with printer.
8. The electric control system uses imported Mitsubishi PLC and electric elements including frequency converter.

Total power11.4 kw11.4 kw12.55 kw
Weight3000 kg3000 kg3200 kg
Overall dimension9500*3200*2400 mm9500*3200*2800 mm9500*3200*2800 mm
Max paperboard size2500*3600 mm900*1200 mm1200*2800 mm
Max stacking pile weight1400 kg1400 kg1400 kg
Max stacking pile height1800 mm1800 mm1800 mm
Lifting typeForks lifted by chainForks lifted by chainForks lifted by chain
Power of forks rotatingHydraulic drivingHydraulic drivingHydraulic driving
Lifting power of horizontal conveyerHydraulic drivingHydraulic drivingHydraulic driving

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