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UPJAP Automatic Folder Gluer
Whole machine performance

The UPJAP automatic folder gluer with high speed is researched and manufactured by our company utilizing foreign and domestic technology. It can run independently, or in combination with printer and slotter. This machine is controlled by the intelligent computer. Only by pushing one button after order input by touch screen, each working section will automatically adjust size without manual operation. With strong memory function, our folding and gluing equipment can store 9999 orders.

Due to quick order changing and simple operation, this folding and gluing machine suits not only for large quantity running but also for small quantity with various types.

Units Performance
Stacking and Ejecting Section

1. This section of our folder gluer adopts photoelectric sensor for accurate counting.
2. The combined control of three groups of servo motor helps to achieve precise counting, stacking and outputting at high speed running.
3. The servo control of high speed separating bar ensures stacking in accordance with required quantity per pile.
4. Flat stacking of cartons is ensured due to pneumatic assistant supporting bars.
5. The pneumatic pushing plate ejects the piled boxes in order.
6. The strong wind pressure device protects boxes from bending upwards. In addition, the wind direction can be deflected arbitrarily.
7. According to the specification of carton, the backboard can be electrically adjusted in either automatic or manual way.
8. Both upper and lower conveyor belts transfer piled boxes synchronously.
9. The height of upper belt can be adjusted automatically or manually in compliance with the quantity per pile.
10. The ejecting section can move to left or right in a whole unit, thus making boxes always fall down on the center of table.

Folding Section
1. The front conveyor belt making paperboard run forward consists of upper and lower belt. Both the gap of entrance and upper and lower belt can be adjusted automatically.
2. The pressure wheels of entrance are loaded by springs.
3. Because of strong rigidity and good stability, the solid folding beams are suitable for high speed running of the folder gluer.
4. In order to ensure precise folding lines, the section is equipped with side pressure wheels against the folding knife on both sides.
5. The conveyor belt in posterior segment comes with vacuum holes, which effectively avoids scissors movements caused by sliding.
6. The lower folding belt with higher speed than vacuum belt can also avoid scissors movements.
7. There are correcting wheels on both sides of the section to ensure folding precision.
8. The folding beams move left and right automatically according to orders.

Spray Glue System
1. Cooperating with the world famous supplier (VALCO USA) helps our customers enjoy fine service anywhere.
2. Requiring no setting, the latest spray glue system of our folder gluer can automatically apply glue precisely without surface contact.
3. This system is environmentally friendly, and is convenient to maintain and adjust. In addition, it comes with no glue leakage or overflow, which greatly saves glue.

Formfeed Section
1. The lead edge feeder applies to high speed feeding.
2. The feeding accuracy can be ensured even with warping paperboard.

Driving Section
1. The folder gluer uses frequency conversion motor, which runs in line with the printing machine.
2. The synchronous belt driving comes with simple structure, low noise, steady running and small vibration.
3. The moving parts consist of imported ball screws and linear rails.

Max. mechanical speed300 p/min
Total power50.8kw
Main motor power22kw
Weight 20T
Technical Parameter
Overall Dimensions ( L*W*H )12000*4600*3600
Carton size:

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