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Carton Erecting Machine

1. The UPL800-A/L1000 2-A/L1350 4-A carton erecting machine occupies small floor space and is easy to install.
2. This burger box forming equipment has a small load power of approximately 9 kilowatts.
3. The speed adjustment by inverter offers high smoothness and stability, as well as high precision.
4. The programmable logic controller (PLC) provides a high degree of automation.
5. The carton erecting machine is characterized by simple operation and adjustment, low failure rate, and easy maintenance.
6. Our burger box making machine adopts servo control system, which ensures precise, smooth and stable movement with less vibration.

Carton caliper cardboard from200g/m2 to 600g/m2
Corrugated thickness up to 1.5mm
Machine type: L800-A L1000/2-A L1350/4-A
Speed 180pcs/min 360pcs/min 720pcs/min
Format range
Blank length L 100mm-450mm 100mm-450mm 100mm-450mm
Blank width B 100mm-580mm 100mm-385mm 100mm-230mm
Height of side flaps H 15mm-200mm 15mm-200mm 15mm-200mm
Height of side flaps+lid H1 50mm-200mm 50mm-200mm 50mm-200mm
Height of folded flap H2 10mm-60mm
Height of folded flap H3 10mm-50mm
Angle 5-40 5-40 5-40
Packaging dimensions 2.95m×1.32m×1.5m 3m×1.5m×1.5m 3m×2m×1.5m
Covering area 1.2m×4m 1.5m×4m 3m×4m
Weight 2.0 tons 2.5 tons 3.0 tons
Trays with liquid-proof corners. Trays with round glue flaps. Trays with flaps inside/outside.
Trays with 1 lid. Trays with 4 top flaps. Six-corner trays with or without collar.
Clam shell with glue flaps inside/outside. Trays for French Fries. Trays with inserted bottom.
Trays with folding of 4 side flaps(lunch box). Clam shell with glue flaps inside/outside. Trays with 4 double folded side flaps(lunch box).

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