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Plastic Bag Making Machine

1. The UPWSD600B plastic bag making machine with multiple functions, automatic operation and high speed is applicable to a variety of heat sealing composite films.
2. It adopts CRT for real time display of all parameters. Presetting of speed, bag length, temperature, counting, punching, multiplying delivery and delivery amount of finished products, and other parameters is available.
3. The AC double servo system controls the length of the bag, ensuring super quality and high efficiency.
4. The plastic bag making machine has automatic alarm for unwinding tension, middle tension, color sign loss and super high temperature.
5. This plastic bag production line has a new function of 6 multiplying delivery.
6. The plastic bag maker boasts automatic unwinding tension control and photoelectric deviation rectification.

Roll size Max. Diameter: 600mm Max.Width:1240mm
Bag-making speed 30-180cpm(≈36m/min)
Bag-making form and size Longitudinal bag-making Transverse bag-making
L: Bag length Max.500mm,Multiplying delivery for ultra-length 50-600mm, 1-5line array
W: Bag width 85mm-500mm,1-5line array Max.580mm
S1:Bottom sealing Max.80mm
S2:Side sealing Max.25mm
S3:Bottom sealing Max.25mm
S4:Side sealing Max.40mm
Total output 35kw
Pneumatic source 0.6Mpa(6kg/cm²)
Cooling water 5L/min
Weight 5000kg
Overall dimension 8500×2400×1865(mm)L×W×H

Shanghai UPG is a China-based plastic bag making machine supplier. We provide various types of products such as hard box packaging machinery, screen printing machine, automatic corrugated sheet feeder, and PS plate.

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