UPSGZ-UI1040A Automatic Dual-Purpose High Speed Coating Machine

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Automatic Dual-Purpose High Speed Coating Machine

1. Automatic feeding section
The automatic dual-purpose high speed coating machine is equipped with an automatic feeding unit which is free of maintenance. The paper feeding trolley can be jointed with the feeding table directly to increase working efficiency. The feeding unit can be optionally designed with movable guide rails, to assist workers in feeding paper materials with sizes not compatible with the feeder.

2. UV coating unit
The UV coating unit of our glazing machine is designed with an integrated casting structure, offering high processing precision, high structural stability, safety performance, as well as fast and stable running. It has three rollers with reverse running capacity to ensure easily adjustment of the supply quantity of the UV varnish.

3. UV curing unit
The UV curing machine functions to dry the printed materials coated with UV varnish, and it is mainly made up of UV lamps, reflectors, as well as air cooling and exhausting systems.

4. Automatic delivery unit
The automatic dual-purpose high speed coating machine has a vibration paper delivery system. The vibration frequency is adjustable according to the paper weight, thus ensuring well-organized paper sheets.

This delivery unit is equipped with a coated sheets counter, and a standby delivery table will automatically start working when there is paper jamming during delivery process.

5. IR heater
Our high speed coating machine is also available with far-infrared heating function. The reflective IR drying system with double insulation offers very high thermal efficiency.

Technical Specifications of High Speed Coater
Max. paper size740×560mm1040×760mm1200×880mm
Min. paper size280×400mm307x400mm307x440mm
Max. speed 7000sph7000sph7000sph
Paper weight80-600g/m280-600g/m280-600g/m2
UV lamp quantity and power3×6.5kw3×8kw3×9.75kw
Weight 3800KGS4600KGS5000KGS
Overall Dimension10940×1450×1600mm10940×1750×1600mm10940×1910×1600mm
IR lamp quantity and power18×1kw18×1.5kw18×1.8kw
Total power40kw44kw51kw

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