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Paper Sheeting Machine Paper Sheeting Machine 1. Unwinding system
2. Photoelectric position correction system
3. Feeding system
4. Tension control unit frame
5. Photocell tracking system
6. Cutting system
7. Feeding belt
8. Material Collection Table

The paper sheeting machine is developed by our company through the integration of advanced mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic technologies. It is designed for sheeting and slitting lamination material and paper reels.

This transverse cutting machine is equipped with a step motor or servo motor to control the cutting length. The paper slitting machine also comes with the photocell tracking system, pneumatic loading system, automatic working table elevating system, and automatic paper management system to assure convenient and accurate performance.

Main Technical Parameters of Paper Sheeting Machine
Max. Unwinding Width 1600mm
Cutting Length 20-1999mm
Precision ±0.2mm
Speed 20-120m/min
Weight 2200-4800KG
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H) 6650×1600~2900×1650mm

As an experienced sheeting machine supplier in China, Shanghai UPG also provides semi-automatic flute laminating machine (single labor), brand new auto roll feeding square bottom handle paper bag making machine with seven servo motor system, UV curing machine, and more.

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