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Window Patching Machine

The UPXLTC-1020/1450 window patching machine has found wide applications in the film patching of packaging paper products with or without the window, such as phone box, wine box, gift box, napkin box, cosmetic box, toy box, etc. It has the functions of paper gluing, film patching, film cutting of 200-500g/m2 paperboard and less than 3mm thick corrugated paper.

Through different configurations, this window patching machine can achieve the following functions.
1. This window patching equipment is suitable for easy film patching of the universal window.
2. It can be used for patching of the napkin box with incision.
3. It can finish patching, and also paper pasting and perforating of the milk case.
4. It can realize double patching for the kraft paper of the milk case and then die-cutting. In addition, the maximum paper size is 1080×730mm.
5. The window patching machine can be used to complete double line paper patching, so as to improve the working efficiency.
6. It is suitable for the high speed paper patching for the small paper. The speed has been improved two times than the common type.
7. Our window patcher fits for high speed double patching for the small paper. The speed has been improved four times than the common type.

Model UPXLTC-1020 UPXLTC-1450
Max. paper size 1080x650mm 1450x1060mm
Min. paper size 140x140mm 160x140mm
Max. film size 410x300mm 680x520mm
Min. film size 80x60mm 80x60mm
Sheet thickness 0.05-0.20mm 0.05-0.20mm
Max. working speed 6000s/h 6000s/h
Cardboard 200-500g/ ㎡ 200-500g/ ㎡
Corrugated paper ≤ 3.0mm ≤ 3.0mm
Total power 9kw 14kw
Total weight 2850kg 3200kg
Overall dimensions 5000x1960x1750mm 6600x2800x2000mm
(when the roller pull out) 5000x3160x1750mm 6600x3800x2000mm

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