UPSCF-1100B Automatic Water-Based Film Laminator

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Automatic Water-Based Film Laminator

1. The UPSCF-1100B automatic film laminator is designed based on our SF series laminating equipment, and is added with powder removal function. It has won great popularity among our customers due to its high precision, environmental friendliness, low power consumption, low cost, and low malfunction rate.
2. This laminating machine is designed with both glue coating roller and gluing thickness control roller, so as to assure uniform glue coating, increased lamination strength, as well as low production cost for users.
3. Rollers passing the balance test, coupled with secure assembly techniques, make sure the laminating equipment runs stably.
4. The automatic film laminator is designed with an automatic glue supply system and glue recycling system.
5. This paper processing machine is PLC controlled, and is available with a sheet-detector which enables the equipment to stop automatically when paper shortage is detected. The word famous brand or Chinese well-known brand electrical elements assure reliable and safe performance.
6. The paper feeder with stepless speed adjustment function makes sure the paper is placed accurately.
7. In order to ensure the quality, the raw materials for our film laminating machine are inspected according to ISO9001 standard, and the key parts such as bearings are imported from carefully selected suppliers.
8. The high speed feeder is designed with a pre-feeding device to improve working efficiency.

Technical Specifications
Model UPSCF-1100B
Max. sheet size 1100*1200mm
Min. sheet size 400*295mm
Max. speed 108m /min
Sheet weight range200-400g/ ㎡
Max. rewinding diameter 1000mm
Overall dimension (L×W×H) 5160*1670*1830mm
Total weight 4.5T

Shanghai UPG is a specialized automatic water-based film laminator supplier in China. Our company also provides spot micro coater, automatic foil stamping and die cutting machine, automatic stop cylinder screen printing machine, and more.

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