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Metal Printing Press

1. The metal printing press is designed with a man-machine interface to offer simple and visualized operation.
2. This printing machine is primarily made up of the feeding unit, printing unit, unloading unit, and automatic electrical control system. The printer is shaftless driven, and all separate units are PLC servo controlled to ensure synchronization and high precision.
3. The printing plate and the blanket adopt quick-clamping structure to reduce the time for auxiliary work, thus improving working efficiency.
4. The hard packing for the printing cylinder reduces abrasion and helps ensure high halftone dot strength.
5. The pneumatic clutch for impression cylinder, plate cylinder, dampening roller, inking roller, dampening distributor, ink transfer roller, unloading platform, and excessive sheet remover ensures convenient operation.
6. This two-color metal printing press is designed for printing texts and colored patterns on the surface of tinplate materials. It is commonly used in the production process of tinplate cans for packing food and drink, aerosol, daily chemicals, and other commodities.

Technical Parameters
Model UPHYP45A- Ⅱ
Max. metal sheet size (mm) 1145*950mm
Min. metal sheet size (mm) 712*510mm
Thickness of metal sheet (mm) 0.15-0.5mm
Max. printed area (mm) 1135*945mm
PS plate size (mm) 1168*1040*0.3mm
Blanket size (mm) 1168*1100*1.9mm
Max. printing speed (sheets /hour) 5000p/h
Motor power 7.5kw+7.5kw
Max. stack weight (t) 2T

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