UPASP-720/780/1020 Automatic Swing Cylinder Screen Printing Machine

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Automatic Swing Cylinder Screen Printing Machine

Our UPASP-720/780/1020 automatic swing cylinder screen printing machine is applicable for single color or multicolor printing on a wide variety of materials, including the paper materials like cardboard, transfer paper, and white board, the plastic film materials such as PE, PET and PP film, the adhesive label, credit card, and more.

Combining the offset printing and screen printing methods, this screen printer offers spot UV varnishing function as well. It provides an ideal solution for transfer printing which is popular among ceramic, glass, and enamel products manufacturing, as well as lottery ticket industries. Our screen printing equipment is also well received in industries like packaging, advertising, and electronics.

This range of automatic screen printing machine is designed and developed by combining the advantages of and making improvement on its counterparts around the world. Therefore, it offers superior printing quality and much easier operation.

1. Our automatic swing cylinder screen printer is controlled by Mitsubishi variable frequency inverter and Mitsubishi PLC controller. Hence, the operation is convenient and easy, and the printing registration error is less than 0.15mm.
2. The screen printing machine comes with a novel external design. The built-in electrical elements and the main mechanical drive system are all imported from international famous enterprises to ensure low noise, steady operation, and long service life.
3. The automatic continuous web feeding units can be exchanged according to the thickness of the printing material. The printed material stacker which can be overturned in 90 degrees ensures convenient screen cleaning, as well as mounting and dismounting. Additionally, the printing screen and the feeder can both be micro adjusted to ensure operation precision.
4. The cylinders are processed using Germany imported precision grinding machines, so as to ensure accurate diameter run out and circularity. This effectively keeps uniform printing color.
5. The air cylinder drive system for the up and down movement of the rear conveying plate ensures convenient operation and also improves working efficiency.
6. The paper grippers are designed based on Germany advanced technologies to catch paper materials in high precision.
7. The ink distribution blade can move left and right, to ensure better performance. The doctor blade utilizes the integral locking device to offer fast locking speed, and secure locking.
8. The automatic swing cylinder screen printing machine comes with a new-structured screen printing frame. The highly automatic pneumatic frame locking mechanism eliminates conventional manual adjustment and locking system, guaranteeing higher safety, efficiency, and reliability.

Model UPASP-720 UPASP 780 UPASP-1020
Max. Sheet Size (mm) 720x520 780x540 1020x740
Min. Sheet Size (mm) 350x270 350x270 560x350
Max. Printing Size (mm) 720x500 780x520 1020x720
Thickness of Sheet (gsm ) 120-250 120-250 100-300
Frame Size (mm) 880x880 940X940 1280x1140
Max. Printing Speed (p/h) 3000 3000 2800
Total Power (kw ) 7.5 7.5 11
Machine Weight (kg) 3500 4000 4900
Dimension (LxWxH ) (mm) 3980x1920x1310 3980X1980X1310 4570x2350x1310

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