UPW524 Four Color Offset Printing Press

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Four Color Offset Printing Press

1. The UPW524 four color offset printing press has a heavy duty structure design. The integral base plate, wall panels, and cylinders made of cast iron offer high tensile strength and wearing resistance, and help reduce vibration force during operation. Thus, the offset printing machine comes with high stability and high impression force in high speed conditions.
2. The unique paper feeding and paper transferring mechanism can ensure high precision and reliable paper feeding and transferring performance.
3. Due to double diameter impression cylinder and triple diameter transferring cylinder, the printing equipment is provided with reduced paper transfer frequency, and thus improves the registration precision.
4. The bearers of the plate cylinder and blanket cylinder are in direct contact with each other, and this assures smooth cylinder rotation and high printing quality.
5. The four color offset printing press has the function to adjust the plate position in lateral, circumferential, and diagonal directions. The minimum adjustment range is 0.01mm.
6. With specially designed paper feed head, paper gripper, and other components, our offset printer is able to assure continuous and stable paper feeding, and is compatible with printing tasks for both thick and thin paper.
7. The vacuum suction type paper feeding system can be utilized for delivering all kinds of paper material. It also assures smooth paper delivery in both high and low speed rotation conditions.
8. The pneumatic control system assures stable pressing force.
9. Equipped with high precision imported bearing, the offset press is able to ensure stable rotation of the impression cylinder so as to assure a solid impression on the paper material, even when the offset printing press is in high speed rotation conditions.
10. The chrome plated cylinder comes with extended service life.
11. The automatic centralized lubrication system helps extend the lifespan of the equipment.
12. The four color offset printing press is designed with a safety guard, protecting shield, and more protective designs to protect the safety of operators.
13. The semi automatic printing plate loading and tightening system makes sure the plate loading is easy and convenient. It also reduces plate changing time and improves printing efficiency.
14. The alcohol dampening system and continuous water feeding ensure water ink balance during printing.
15. The offset printing press is equipped with an automatic water volume tracking device, and the water volume can be adjusted according to the equipment running speed.
16. The offset printing machine is available with an optional remote ink control system. PLC controller and touch screen operation panel are available to assure simple operation.

Technical Specifications
Model UPW524
Max. Paper Size (mm) 520x375
Min. Paper Size (mm) 200x155
Paper Thickness (mm) 0.04-0.4
Max. Printing Area (mm) 505x350
Printing Speed (sheet/h) 3000-12000
Plate Size (mm) 510x400
Plate Clamp Type Straight edge plate clamp with positioning pins
Blanket Size (mm) 528x437x1.9
Under Blanket Size 505 x389 x0.6mm
Feeding System Rotary type stream feeder
Feeder Pile Height (mm) 550
Delivery System Chain delivery
Delivery Pile Height (mm) 430
Registration System Side-pull gauge
Number of Rollers Ink rollers: 17 Water rollers: 4
Gripper Margin (mm) 9±1
Vertical Image Adjustment Range (mm) ±20
Lateral Image Micro Adjustment Range (mm) ±2
Slant Image Micro Adjustment Range (mm) ±0.15
Oiling System Centralized Oiling System
Power Source 3 Phase 380V/50Hz Main Motor: 11kw Pump Motor: 0.75kw
Overall Dimensions (mm) 4200x2300x1710
Net Weight (kg) 8000

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