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Shanghai UPG International Trading Co., Ltd.

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Printing and Packaging Machinery Supplier

UPG International Trading Co., Ltd. was invested by UP Group. It is engaged in doing import and export businesses on behalf of the Group. UP Group's products cover pre-press, press, post-press, packaging machinery, and printing consumables. You are welcome to visit our website to learn more about our products and services.

For your information, UP Group's printing and packaging machinery sell well in domestic and oversea markets. UPG International has been exporting the Group's printing and packaging equipment to world market for many years and enjoying a very good reputation. UPG International has a large number of customers and distributors in more than 60 countries so far.

UP Group's philosophy is to build up a reliable and multi-win cooperative relationship with its customers, distributors and partners as well as to create a mutually progressive, harmonious and successful future together.

    1. UPW524 Four Color Offset Printing Press

      The UPW524 four color offset printing press has a heavy duty structure design. The integral base plate, wall panels, and cylinders made of cast iron offer high tensile strength and wearing resistance, and help reduce vibration force during operation.

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    1. UPST-720/1050 Automatic Stop Cylinder Screen Printing Machine

      The UPST-720/1050 automatic stop cylinder screen printing machine has a maximum printing speed up to 4,000 sheets per hour.
      With high registration accuracy, our screen printer offers high printing quality.

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    1. UPTYM1020H Automatic Foil Stamping and Die Cutting Machine

      The UPTYM1020H automatic foil stamping and die cutting machine is applicable for thin paper materials with thickness of only 80g/m2.

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    1. UPSGZ-UI1040A Automatic Dual-
      Purpose High Speed Coating Machine

      The automatic dual-purpose high speed coating machine is equipped with an automatic feeding unit which is free of maintenance. The paper feeding trolley can be jointed with the feeding table directly to increase working efficiency.

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    1. UPSCF-1100B Automatic Water-Based Film Laminator

      The UPSCF-1100B automatic film laminator is designed based on our SF series laminating equipment, and is added with powder removal function. It has won great popularity among our customers due to its high precision, environmental friendliness, low power consumption, low cost, and low malfunction rate.

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    1. UPZD-QFJ18 Brand New Auto Roll Feeding Square Bottom Handle Paper Bag Making Machine With Seven Servo Motor System

      These formed handles are then transferred to the handle application section that perforates the blank or printed paper web, applies glue, and impresses the handle to paper web. With handles attached, the paper web is fed into the main machine for synchronous completion of side gluing, tube forming, cutting off, bottom pasting, bottom forming and paper bag output.

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    1. UPJAP Automatic Folder Gluer

      This machine is controlled by the intelligent computer. Only by pushing one button after order input by touch screen, each working section will automatically adjust size without manual operation.

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    1. CTP Plate

      The UPC-2 thermal CTP plate utilizing computer to plate technology is developed based on UPC-1 by enhancing the anti-solvent property. Therefore, UPC-2 is not only suitable for conventional printing, but also UV-ink printing without being baked.

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    1. WING 5000 Series Compressible Blanket

      The WING 5000 series compressible blanket consists of uniform and independent micropheres with the characteristics of high strength and low elongation.

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Pre-sales service
We do not provide samples for the complete machine. In order to support agents and customers, we will give a preferential price for the first few machines. We provide samples for the printing consumables, but the freight should be borne by the client.